Which Drywall Anchor is Best? Let's find out!
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The EZ Anchor Toggle emerged as the preferred choice for drywall anchors due to its ease of installation, strength, and value for money, despite there being a variety of anchors which mostly exceeded their weight capacities in testing.

Key insights

Anchor Variety and Testing

The video details a systematic comparison of different drywall anchors, exploring their strength, ease of installation, and the damage they cause upon failure. The anchors were tested on new drywall with consistent conditions, measuring the force at which they started moving and when they failed catastrophically. The tests included both direct pull-out and sideways movement forces, relevant to common usage scenarios in household installations.

Performance Evaluation

Throughout the tests, many anchors exceeded their rated capacities, presenting resilience in optimal conditions. However, the real-world scenarios where leverage could be applied were not considered in the testing, potentially presenting different outcomes. Despite this, the results were still informative about the anchors' relative strength and performance.

Damage Assessment

Anchor failure often resulted in significant damage to drywall, with the extent of damage varying between anchor types. This insight is crucial for users who aim to minimize wall repair work. The EZ Anchor was highlighted for causing less damage and holding up strongly against the applied forces.

Cost vs. Benefit

The video suggests that anchors with a higher cost usually offer greater weight capacities and potentially less wall damage, implying that investing in a slightly more expensive anchor could save time and effort on wall repairs in the event of anchor failure.

Key quotes

  1. "Each anchor was rigorously tested to see not only if the weight ratings are accurate but also to evaluate the damage caused by failure."
  2. "Many of the tested anchors far exceeded their weight capacity, which is encouraging in terms of their strength and durability."
  3. "If that drywall anchor fails, you're going to have some sheetrock repair work to do, which I don't like doing."
  4. "The EZ Anchor's pretty easy to install, doesn't cost that much money, and it has a lot of strength."

Make it stick

  1. "EZ Anchor Toggle: Easy, sturdy, and resilient in drywall anchor tests."
  2. "Weight rating confirmed: Most anchors outperform their stated capacities."
  3. "Drywall damage upon anchor failure: Repair work varies with anchor type."
  4. "Investing in strength: A pricier anchor could mean less wall repair hassle."