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Generating your own nuggets lets you extract insights from videos, articles, and other websites that are just too long.

Dodge unwanted ads and popups, and reclaim your internet experience. It's the perfect productivity hack for smart and busy people.

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Get key ideas, quotes, and summaries from almost any page on the Internet*

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Acquire nuggets that are healthier and more affordable than real chicken nuggets

And, of course, get back invaluable hours of your life every day

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nuggets are bite-sized distillations of URLs. Each one comes with a one-line summary, key quotes, and more. If you have 10 nuggets in your account, you can nuggetize 10 URLs.
High-definition (HD) nuggets are powered by GPT-4 Turbo, the most advanced AI model on the market. They're great for nuggetizing technical or exceptionally long content, such as videos up to 8 hours long and documents up to 250 pages.

Standard-definition (SD) nuggets are powered by the speedy GPT-3.5 Turbo. They're great for nuggetizing shorter videos, documents, and articles. SD nuggets will typically not support content longer than 90 minutes or 30 pages.

When you purchase a monthly plan, you'll get unlimited SD nuggets and a limited balance of HD nuggets per month*. You can choose which to use when you nuggetize a URL.
Nuggetize aims to support any URL on the internet, but currently works best with YouTube videos, PDFs, blog posts, and news articles. Some sites are currently unsupported, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Let us know if you have a page that doesn't work and we'll fix it. We're always adding new sites.
Generating custom nuggets requires an account and purchase. However, viewing and sharing nuggets that have been generated is 100% free.
We'll save your nuggets for you! Visit your account page to see everything in one place.

Sharing is as easy as copying and pasting the nugget's URL. Your recipients don't need to have an account to see your nugget.
We use the highest quality AI language models available on the market to extract key information from web pages, combined with our own special sauce to make a best-in-class summarizer experience.
Yup! As of 2024, the price per chicken nugget at popular US fast food chains is around $0.75 USD. Our HD nuggets are less than $0.50 USD with the Supreme plan. They save you time, which helps you earn more money, which can be used to buy more nuggets. It's a win-win-win.
Please contact us directly and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
* If we detect abnormal usage or abuse, we reserve the right to take actions that may include limiting or terminating your account.

† High-definition nuggets don't roll over month-to-month, and will reset to your plan's allotted maximum (30 for Nuggetize Supreme, 5 for Nuggetize Classic) each month.