SELENA GOMEZ ON: How To STOP Insecurity & TRULY LOVE YOURSELF To The Core | Jay Shetty


Selena Gomez, in an insightful interview with Jay Shetty, discusses embracing imperfection, overcoming insecurities, and the importance of mental health awareness, while simultaneously revealing the profound impact her mother Mandy has had on her life and their collaborative work towards supporting others.

Key insights

Learning From Fear and Pain

Selena emphasizes that some of her greatest lessons have come from facing fears and enduring pain. She suggests that rather than striving for perfection, understanding and accepting one's own imperfections can be a source of strength. The idea that confronting fears contributes to personal growth and confidence resonates throughout the discussion.

Power of Vulnerability

Both Selena and Mandy discuss the power found in vulnerability, both personally and professionally. Selena credits candidness about one's struggles with the capacity for healing and growth. Mandy shares how her openness with Selena about personal challenges was crucial to their relationship's strength.

The Transformative Impact of Therapy

Selena and Mandy both advocate for therapy and self-work as transformative tools for mental health and well-being. Their individual experiences with therapy have allowed them to navigate through their darkest moments, leading to healing and personal growth.

Advocacy Through Action

Selena's and Mandy's commitment to mental health awareness extends beyond personal experience to their professional lives. Through their work with Wondermind and representation in media, they aim to create a safe space for conversation about mental health and provide resources and support for those in need.

The Mother-Daughter Bond

The deep bond and mutual respect between Selena and Mandy are evident, with Mandy's nurturing and guidance playing a pivotal role in Selena's development. They share their journey of growing and healing both together and separately, underlining the complexity of parent-child relationships.

Key quotes

  1. "There is blessing in the breaking."
  2. "I would rather continue to get my heart broken than to not feel at all."
  3. "I believe today's pain is someone who's extremely on purpose."
  4. "The best way I can love, but I never wanted the pain that I endured to put some sort of guard on myself."
  5. "If I accept all the compliments internally then I'll have to accept all the negative."

Make it stick

  1. Embrace Fear as a Guide: Fear prompts personal growth and strength; we can learn to make it our friend.
  2. Value of Vulnerability: Sharing our stories and struggles leads to collective healing; perfection is illusory.
  3. Therapy as Transformation: Professional guidance can help navigate life's challenges, leading to self-improvement and well-being.
  4. Giving as Purpose: Growth often occurs when we use our experiences to help and serve others.