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Oprah Winfrey shares a powerful message about the vital importance of living intentionally by listening to one's inner voice and aligning actions with true intentions to lead a fulfilling and purposeful life.


The Power of Intuition and Intention

Oprah Winfrey reflects on the significance of understanding and following one's inner voice to align with life's greater purpose. Her personal experiences highlight the transformative impact of embracing the flow designed for each individual and trusting the intrinsic guidance system we all possess. Winfrey emphasizes how pivotal moments in her career, like moving to Chicago or choosing to own her show, were driven by her commitment to listen to her inner voice, despite external doubts.

The Seed of Intentional Living

The concept of intentional living became a cornerstone for Oprah after reading "The Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukov. Oprah realized the profound truth that intention precedes action and shapes the outcome of our experiences. She adopted this principle to avoid living reactively and started making choices based on her true intentions rather than external pressures, which she credits as a key factor in her success.

Applying Intention in Professional Life

Oprah shares how she implemented the idea of intentionality into her television show production. She insisted that each episode should have a clear intention with the goal of being service-oriented towards the audience. This principle ensured that the content resonated with viewers on a deeper level and contributed to the unwavering success of her show over 25 years. She provides an example of how this approach led to an Emmy-winning episode by aligning the show's intention with the guest's desire to honor her daughter's life, rather than focusing solely on her tragic death.

Key quotes

  1. "The dream I had for myself couldn't compare to the dream that life had for me."
  2. "Every decision I've ever made has come from listening to the flow that represents the truth in me."
  3. "Intention precedes every thought and every action, and the outcome of your experiences is determined by the intention."
  4. "The reason we were number one for 25 solid years is because we intended to be."
  5. "I don't make a decision without getting still, checking in with my inner truth."

Make it stick

  1. "Listen to life’s flow and let your inner truth guide every decision."
  2. "Intention shapes outcomes: before action, ensure your intention is clear."
  3. "Intentional living elevates existence from mere doing to purposeful being."

Talking points

  1. Were you aware that the success of Oprah's show was grounded in the principle of intention?
  2. How often do you pause to check with your inner voice before making significant decisions?
  3. Did you know that the same principles that apply to physics - like every action has a reaction - also apply to the way we set intentions in