How Much Spotify Paid Me For 10,000,000 Streams... - YouTube


An independent musician shares insights on earning $41,243 from 10 million Spotify streams over a year, emphasizing the importance of consistent releases and engaging content.


Starting Out with Statistics

The video kicks off by divulging the musician's success on Spotify, where they amassed over 10 million streams from more than a million listeners in 12 months. The artist uses the Spotify for Artists dashboard to demonstrate the difference between monthly listeners and actual streams, revealing an average of about nine streams per listener.

Strategy and Growth

The musician describes how they approached Spotify with a strategy akin to successful YouTube or Instagram content creators, opting for regular, weekly releases rather than traditional album drops every year or two. This consistent release schedule resulted in an increase in followers, from 20,000 to 72,000 within one year.

Sources of Streams

The video addresses common misconceptions about the importance of editorial playlists for accumulating streams. While the artist was featured on several of Spotify's official metal playlists, the actual streams coming from these sources were a small fraction of the total. He emphasizes that algorithmic playlists and personal library streams play a far more significant role in an artist's Spotify success.

Connecting with Audiences

The importance of creating engaging and unique content on other platforms like YouTube and Instagram is highlighted as a key factor in driving Spotify streams. The musician's track "Farewell" surged in popularity due to a viral YouTube video, exemplifying the interconnectivity between content platforms and streaming success.

Revenue Breakdown

Towards the end of the video, the artist provides a detailed account of their Spotify revenue, netting $41,243 from 10 million streams. They discuss the common critique of Spotify's payment model while personally seeing the advantages of utilizing the largest streaming service for exposure and potential viral growth.

Key quotes

  1. "You have subscribers or followers and you also have an algorithm that's mostly interested in keeping the viewers on the platform."
  2. "You can see that this was kind of effective - the following grew from around 20,000 people last year... all the way to 72,000 people right now."
  3. "Out of a total of over 10 million streams, that's not a lot... then we have 2.9 million streams coming from my Spotify artist profile and catalog over 4.2 million streams coming from listeners' own playlists and library."

Make it stick

  1. "Streaming success on Spotify mirrors YouTube growth: consistent content beats infrequent bursts."
  2. "Editorial playlist fame is fleeting; the real stars are listener-created playlists and algorithms."
  3. "A viral video on YouTube can skyrocket Spotify streams, proving cross-platform synergy."

Talking points

  1. "I was surprised to learn that being featured in Spotify's editorial playlists didn't significantly contribute to the artist's total streams."
  2. "What are your thoughts on the musician's strategy of treating Spotify like a social media platform, with regular content uploads?"
  3. "Did you know that a successful YouTube video can have such a profound impact on Spotify streaming numbers? It really shows the power of a creative twist in music marketing."